01 Sep 15

The Value of Enrichment Programming for Preschoolers

Upon first opening Little Learners Early Childhood Enrichment Studio several years ago, it quickly became apparent to me that the term “enrichment” was not entirely understood amongst the clientele that we were seeking to attract. It seemed that the majority of the parents who were interested in our programming for their children, had no trouble identifying the ways in which our curriculum would stimulate their children cognitively and socially. However, with the high cost of a good preschool education these days, how would they justify spending the extra money to “enrich “their child beyond the classroom experience that they were already paying to receive at their preschool.

So when asked, “Why enroll my child in an enrichment program?” OR “How does an enrichment program differ from the general preschool experience?” we can provide the following answers:

At Little Learners Early Childhood Enrichment Studio we value the importance of preparing your child for future academic success in a balanced and individualized way. For this reason our comprehensive enrichment programs, intended to foster a love of learning at the earliest stages of development, are designed to stimulate valuable cognitive skills including problem solving, critical thinking, and self-expression. Our individualized instructional approach and small group setting will enhance your child’s learning potential by focusing specifically on their unique developmental skills.

We have always known that the early childhood years provide us with a critical period for learning, that research has proven, will have a significant impact on who we become as adults. For this reason we believe fully in an active and ongoing partnership, between our developmentally specific programming, and the general preschool experience. Together, we can bring the unique power of learning to life!

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