At Learn’ique we believe
in the unique power of learning.

At Learn’ique we believe in the unique power of learning. Our programming, products, and services provide young children and their families with full access to a comprehensive and educational approach that is designed to engage the active learner in us all.

Our Learn’ique Little Learners Studio offers a variety of enrichment classes for children ranging in age from 18 months to six years old. Small group classes, taught by Masters level teachers, support a love for learning in a variety of areas including: social-emotional development, literacy, math, science, foreign language, cooking, art and music. In keeping with our vision, classes are held in a nurturing, yet sophisticated environment, where direct instruction is balanced with discovery play.

Our Learn’ique Design-to-Learn™ services provide parents with the insight necessary to bring the Studio look and learning to their children at home! Based on our extensive research, we believe that a child’s physical environment will have a significant impact on their overall learning, behavior and academic success. In an effort to support these valuable principles, our unique approach combines interior design concepts and organizational systems with a full understanding of child development.

Hear what Founder Abbey Kumar has to say about her unique brand and services by watching the video below.



Take advantage of this valuable opportunity
to create a livable, learnable space at home.

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20 May 16

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