Rachelle Maritzen

Studio Parent

Rachelle's Experience

I absolutely LOVE Little Learners Studio! I am just so amazed by the sophisticated learning environment that they’ve created. It is so warm, nurturing and calm but it’s also very effective. The teachers are so kind and engaging and my children really get the individualized attention that they deserve. The team at Little Learners Studio has actually discovered some hidden talents that I didn’t even know my children had. Their curriculum and interactive instruction has truly prepared my children for success in Kindergarten and beyond!

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Casey Forbes

Studio Parent

Casey's Experience

I can’t say enough about the Kinder-Prep program at Little Learners Studio! For starters, the children are picked up by a bus from school, and are taken to this beautiful Studio, which my daughter absolutely loved! She had so much fun with the program whether it was practicing letter recognition, word recognition, or writing her name. There were just so many things that our daughter would come home and say, “I learned this at Little Learners!” The team at the Studio is amazing and they have a true gift for making sure that the learning is ALWAYS fun. My daughter started Kindergarten early, and was so well prepared. I feel a large part of that was due to the programming and curriculum that she experienced at Little Learners Studio.

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Dr. Emma Whitman

Preschool Director

Dr. Whitman's Experience

The most important thing for young children at this age is that they are excited about their learning! They need to know how to ask questions, how to solve problems, and also be equipped with the readiness skills required to be successful in school and beyond. Little Learners Studio does a great job of nurturing the individualized capabilities of each child. They teach their classes in small, age-level groups, and really seek to differentiate their curriculum based on the unique skill-set of each child.

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