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We accept Visa and Mastercard*

Checks should be made payable to

Little Learners Early Childhood Enrichment Studio, LLC

Patrons of Little Learners Early Childhood Enrichment Studio, LLC accept responsibility for all payments due as per the dates specified on the payment calendar.

Once the program session has begun, there will be no tuition refunds. Tuition deposits are non-refundable beyond 30 days from receipt of payment.

Little Learners Early Childhood Enrichment Studio:

  • Reserves the right to secure emergency medical treatment for any child on our premises in the event that a Parent/Guardian cannot be reached.
  • Will not release a child on our premises to anyone other than the documented Parent/Guardian unless that person is authorized as per the child’s Authorized Pick-Up form. Completion of an Authorized Pick-Up form will be required prior to the start of all program sessions.
  • Reserves the right to withdraw any child from our Enrichment programs/classes at any point during the session. If this becomes necessary for any reason, the tuition will be prorated and the remaining balance will be refunded to the Parent/Guardian.
  • If you have chosen not to pay for your class session(s) via the Paypal website option we also accept payments made at the Studio in the form of a check, Visa, or Mastercard.


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20 May 16

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